Mineral-Cubes und ihre Wirkung bei Wirbellosen

Mineral cubes and their effect on invertebrates

So small and yet so effective. These can only be our Humin-Natural Mineral Cubes.

One mineral stone per week and all snails have flawless shells. And the shrimp's molting problems are history.

But is it really that simple? And does it actually work?


I have used the mineral cubes without exception for over 4 years and can draw a conclusion. Every week after the water change, a mineral stone went into each tank with snails and shrimp. The animals were fine. The snails had wonderfully beautiful houses. Molting problems with the shrimp were completely unheard of.

Then some snails moved into a tank where I didn't use any mineral cubes. I didn't think the impact would be so serious. This also explains the poor image quality of the comparison images. I just didn't expect such extreme differences.

A few months without mineral stones and unsightly white spots and even a huge crack formed in the shell of the cappuccino tower lid snail.

Luckily, this damage, some of which was very severe, disappeared completely after a while after I replaced it with the mineral cubes.

Conclusion: For me, never again without mineral cubes!

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