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Bakuli fruits (3 pcs.)

Bakuli fruits (3 pcs.)

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Our Bakuli fruits are Lagerstroemia parviflora. A small-flowered plant that belongs to the Lagerstromia family and therefore to the deciduous trees. Bakuli fruit trees are native to many parts of India. Lagerstroemia parviflora is a light-requiring, drought-resistant, non-woody and fire-resistant species that also occurs in the foothills of the Himalayas at altitudes of up to 1000 meters. Our Bakuli fruits were dried in a complex process and are natural. If the Bakulis are treated carefully, they have a long shelf life.

You will receive a bundle of 3 Bakuli fruits from us.

Since this is a natural product, we recommend rinsing the fruit with water before use. Since the Bakuli fruits are dried, it can take some time until they become saturated and sink if you want to use the fruits in the aquarium, for example.

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