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Mossy branch

Mossy branch

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Our mossy branches are ideal for aquariums and terrariums. The branches are apple tree branches that are lush with lichens and mosses.

Lichens and mosses provide important fiber and provide a wonderful food source for dwarf shrimps , crayfish, crayfish , catfish and snails. Valuable microorganisms form on the wood and the bark contains minerals and important trace elements, a low concentration of tannins, which ensure optimal aquarium water for invertebrates and fish.

In addition to nibbling fun for your invertebrates, the mossy branches ensure a very attractive and natural look in your underwater world.

Our mossy branches come from controlled cultivation and are guaranteed to be untreated. You receive a 100% natural product.

Like most natural products, the branches float before they eventually sink. Since small areas of moss are terrestrial moss, it is possible that it has no chance of survival when used in the aquarium.

Size: approx. 26 cm, size may vary

The branches can be shortened as desired. Or you can add a brief note with your order stating your size requirements.

Contents: 1 piece

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