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Cocoa leaves

Cocoa leaves

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Cocoa leaves

The tropical plant with the highest antioxidant content.

Cocoa leaves can be used in aquariums and terrariums. In rainforest terrariums they are perfect as a natural substrate.

Cocoa leaves are considered a natural water conditioner, similar to sea almond tree leaves. Cocoa trees have their origins in the tropical rainforests of Latin America. The tropical plant prefers a warm tropical climate. Its leaves have an extremely high proportion of antioxidants and humic substances. The substances have an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect.

  • mild disinfectant and fungicidal effect
  • with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • valuable humic acids, tannins, flavonoids and saponins, which are released into the water over a longer period of time
  • ideal nutritional supplement for shrimps, crabs, crabs and snails

Preventive and treatment for:

  • spawning fungus
  • Fin rot
  • mucous membrane problems
  • Bites/abrasions
  • bacterial infection
  • fungal infection

Dosage: 1/2-1 sheet per 30 liters

Contents: 10 sheets

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Biotope aquaristics

A biotope aquarium is the term used to describe aquariums that have been designed to replicate as accurately as possible a habitat that occurs in the wild.

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