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Our Magmarian is lava granules. Lava granulate is a pure natural rock, created from solidified lava. Lava rock is lime-free and does not harden the water. It has a large surface area due to its porous structure. Lava granules are therefore often used as filter material.

However, it can also be used perfectly as drainage in plant regions. For example, if you want to work in rainforest terrariums with a lot of plant mass, or want to insert lush emersed plant sections in a paludarium, the lava rock can serve as a substructure under peat slabs or other substrate.

You can also use the lava granules by using them in your lava stone layout in the aquarium for the transitions to the normal substrate. This gives you a very natural look.

Size: various sizes, between 1 - 2 cm

Contents: 1 liter

Pre-washed and ready to use.

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Biotope aquaristics

A biotope aquarium is the term used to describe aquariums that have been designed to replicate as accurately as possible a habitat that occurs in the wild.

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