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Mineral cubes 50 ml

Mineral cubes 50 ml

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Our Humin-Natural Mineral Cubes consist of 100% pure and selected minerals. They are an innovative solution to supply invertebrates such as shrimps, snails and crabs with important minerals.

The simple application makes water care an easy matter. Simply add one cube to 20 liters of aquarium water. After about a week the minerals are used up. Then you can add a new Mineral Cube to the water. The valuable minerals are slowly released into the water and are then available to the animals to support the building of their shells. If the animals' needs are very high, you can occasionally catch them collecting the minerals directly from the stone. The mineral cubes can be used to prevent damage to the shell of snails.

- suitable for all invertebrates
- provide important minerals
- do not pollute the water
- for the treatment and prevention of shell damage in snails
- highest quality

100% minerals


Water additive for aquariums.
Better water quality for shrimps, crabs and snails

Application recommendation
Add one cube to approx. 20L of aquarium water.
Renew the mineral cube after it has dissolved, at the earliest after one week.

>>You can find a Mineral Cubes experience report further down on this page. Or in our main menu via the menu item “Blog”, in our blog posts.<<

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