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Moringa Oleifera leaves

Moringa Oleifera leaves

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Moringa Oleifera – this is the name of the horseradish tree that originally comes from northern India. Moringa trees are considered to be the most nutrient-rich plants on earth and are now also widespread in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Almost all parts of the tree are used in its native lands. Even small amounts of Moringa are considered a superfood. In this country, particular attention is paid to the leaves of the Moringa tree because they are said to contain a variety of healthy ingredients. Ground as a powder, processed into capsules or brewed as tea, moringa leaves have made a name for themselves in recent years. And of course our invertebrates, like shrimps, love to enjoy this power food.

The leaves contain valuable nutrients and vital substances.

  • Rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals
  • Moringa Oleifera leaves are the most nutrient-rich natural product known
  • Pure natural product without additives
  • The high natural vitamin content inhibits infections and inflammation

Contents: 10 g

Like most dried natural products when used in the aquarium, moringa leaves will float on the surface of the water for a while before sinking.

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