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Salty Shrimp Leaves & Bark

Salty Shrimp Leaves & Bark

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With Leaves & Bark you add the important ingredients from sea almond tree leaves and various preferably tropical barks to your aquarium water without visibly coloring the water. They can help bring your aquarium into biological balance and strengthen the health and resistance of its inhabitants against harmful germs such as pathogenic bacterial strains or viruses.

Sea almond tree leaves and various barks are popular thanks to their positive properties and have been used in aquariums for many years. Unfortunately, the desired active ingredients from the natural materials dissolve completely in the water after just a few days and are then removed or broken down with the water changes - only organic mass remains, which is gradually decomposed by microorganisms and inhabitants. They can also strongly color the aquarium water, which is not cheap or nice in every setup. With Leaves & Bark you can now easily replenish the desired positive active ingredients without having to add new leaves or bark to the tank every week.

Sea almond tree leaves are harvested from the sea almond tree Terminalia catappa. They contain a variety of secondary plant substances: flavonoids, humic acids (humic acid and fulvic acid), tannins, iridoids, pyrethroids and saponins. These active ingredients inhibit germs, prevent inflammation, support wound healing and ensure that the fish's mucous membrane is mildly tanned and therefore more resilient. They also promote the willingness of shrimp and ornamental fish to spawn, they can prevent spawning fungus and have a supportive effect on various diseases. They can even bind heavy metals in the water and thus ensure good water quality.

A tree's natural protective layer is its bark. The defenses that protect it against external pests and pathogens are concentrated in it. Various barks are traditionally used as medicinal and care products and are now used in aquariums due to their effects with Leaves & Bark.

We use the bark (bark) of the African plum tree (Pygeum africanum), the cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa), the lapacho tree (Tabebuia impetiginosa), the oak tree (Quercus) and the quebracho tree (Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco).

These barks provide, among other things, tannins, humic substances, humic acids, calcium and magnesium. Their properties as anti-inflammatory agents are particularly valued, but they can also increase the fertility of aquarium animals, optimize their digestion, they act against fungi and parasites, inhibit viruses and can strengthen the immune system of your aquarium inhabitants.

The active ingredients of Leaves & Bark in detail

Flavonoids: The water-soluble flavonoids are actually plant pigments that play an important role in plant metabolism. They protect them from damage caused by microorganisms or insects. Flavonoids in aquarium water can have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects on the inhabitants.

Humic acids: The dark colored humic acids form when biological material breaks down. They have a particularly beneficial effect on a variety of life functions in shrimps and fish, but they can also lower the pH value of the water, bind pollutants and generally promote the animals' well-being.

Tannins: As vegetable tannins, water-soluble tannins are found in high quantities, for example in sea almond tree leaves. You can reduce the germ load in the aquarium water.

Saponins / triterpenoids: Saponins / triterpenoids are effective components of many medicinal plants. They can strengthen the immune system, have an anti-inflammatory effect, loosen mucus and stimulate hormone production. They can also promote the absorption of other ingredients in the intestines.

How does Leaves & Bark work?

Against bacteria: The active ingredients in the sea almond tree leaves and tree bark used in Leaves & Bark inhibit bacteria and can even kill them. This effect is mainly due to flavonoids (such as quercetin and kaempferol).

Against fungi: The valuable ingredients of the sea almond tree leaves and tree bark also have an anti-fungal effect. Sea almond tree leaves and various tree barks have been used in aquariums for many years to prevent and support fungal infections.

Against inflammation: The fact that Leaves & Bark can be used against inflammation is due to a whole range of active ingredients it contains. In addition to flavonoids and tannins, triterpenoids/saponins also play an important role here.

Against free radicals: Tannins can have a strong antioxidant effect, i.e. they act as free radical scavengers in the organism. Free radicals are particularly reactive molecules or atoms that can cause significant damage to the body. They are very effectively overridden by tannins.

For the mucous membranes: Tannins such as tannins have a slightly astringent (i.e. contracting) effect. They react with protein in the mucous membranes and thus make the mucous membranes more difficult for microorganisms and parasites to penetrate - which can, for example, have a preventive effect against white spot disease and many bacterial diseases.

Shake well immediately before use
1 ml (approx. 12 drops) per 10 liters of water weekly.

100 ml (for 1000 liters), 250 ml (for 2500 liters) or 1000 ml (for 10,000 liters)

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