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Sea almond tree leaves XL

Sea almond tree leaves XL

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Sea almond tree products increase the vitality and well-being of your aquarium animals. The pH value is only reduced very slightly and the total salt content (conductance) is slightly increased. After a while, the water takes on a beautiful amber tone, but remains crystal clear (depending on the dosage). It promotes spawning readiness and stimulates/supports foam nest building in betta fish.  

  • mild disinfectant and fungicidal effect  
  • with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects  
  • valuable humic acids, tannins, flavonoids and saponins that are released into the water over a longer period of time  
  • ideal food for shrimps, crabs, crabs and snails  

Preventive and treatment for:  

  • spawning fungus  
  • Fin rot  
  • mucous membrane problems  
  • Bites/abrasions  
  • bacterial infection  
  • fungal infection  

Dosage: approx. 1/2 leaf per 20 liters of water

Size: approx. 20-25 cm  

Box contents: 10 sheets

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A biotope aquarium is the term used to describe aquariums that have been designed to replicate as accurately as possible a habitat that occurs in the wild.

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