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Sphagnum moss live

Sphagnum moss live

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Sphagnum moss live

Here we offer you live sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is one of many peat moss. Most peat mosses are alive in nutrient-poor, acidic habitats.

Peat mosses can absorb nutrients even in the lowest concentrations. In return they give hydrogen ions to the environment, creating an acidic environment for itself create that hinders competitors' growth. Peat mosses can grow practically indefinitely. As the plant develops upwards, the base dies off due to lack of air; arises from the incompletely decomposing tissue Peat. That's why sphagnum moss is a peat moss.

When dried, sphagnum moss has similar properties to peat. The moss can also absorb around 20 times its own weight in water stored and thus reduces the drying out of the earth. The moss is therefore ideal for terrariums or emersed areas of a paludarium.

Sphagnum moss is a natural product that grows alongside other mosses and grasses. Therefore, it may contain other natural components such as needles, grasses, soil, leaves, etc.

Mist daily to keep it in top condition.

Contents: 250 g

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