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Yati Wood / Jungle Wood

Yati Wood / Jungle Wood

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With the Yati wood we offer you a beauty from Malaysia. Because of its size, the real wood is also suitable for small aquariums or terrariums. With its curved, detailed exterior, it is reminiscent of the well-known mangrove wood. But it differs partly from the color of this one.

You can use Yati wood in aquascapes, as part of an underwater landscape. Thanks to the gaps provided by the wood, it can also be used as a seat for epiphytes. Or in small tanks, you can simply add it as a natural eye-catcher. By allowing the Yati wood to shine through between a few plants or other hardscape.

The individual pieces of Yati wood can have different shapes as it is a natural product. But they are mostly elongated pieces.

Size: 15 - 25 cm

Box contents: 1 piece

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Biotope aquaristics

A biotope aquarium is the term used to describe aquariums that have been designed to replicate as accurately as possible a habitat that occurs in the wild.

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