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Ziss Fish & Shrimp Egg Tumbler ZET-E55

Ziss Fish & Shrimp Egg Tumbler ZET-E55

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ZISS Fish & Shrimp Egg Tumbler ZET-E55 - Incubator

For raising shrimp and fish eggs

The cup is shaped so that the eggs practically never stand still. This reduces the risk of fungal infection. The very easy to use system only needs to be connected to an air pump (not included).

Everything necessary for operation is included. All you need is an air pump and a piece of connecting hose (from the pump to the air regulator). The Egg Tumbler is attached to the aquarium wall with the 2 included suction cups.

Size ZET-E55:

  • Total height - 16 cm
  • Diameter - 6 cm
  • Inner diameter - 5.5 cm

Operation manual:

  • Carefully remove/collect the eggs and place them in the container
  • Put the egg tumbler together according to the instructions on the packaging
  • Open the air tap only slightly - connect the pump
  • Adjust the air supply so that the eggs "bounce" slightly - they should always be in slight movement

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